About SQecial Media

SQecial Media is an independent book and gift store located in downtown Lexington, Ky., just outside the University of Kentucky campus. This is our online store!

The store was founded in 1972 by David Adams. SQecial Media has historically been "your best alternative for the important, interesting, and hard-to-find" for fifty years. Since his death in 2005, the store has been owned solely by his partner, Mary Morgan. 

We are committed to providing objects and materials that you don't see in an average store. Whether you're seeking a guide to Buddhism, a statue of Hecate, a pack of incense, or a fun little kitchen gadget, we try to represent a broad variety of traditions and perspectives, with an emphasis on providing a safe space for people to shop -- and simply exist! In the past we have sponsored and curated the annual Rosa Goddard International Film Festival at the Kentucky Theater, presented a biannual Picture-Poem Contest for National Poetry Month, and every year, on the first Sunday in March, we hold an anniversary celebration that brings together past and current customers and employees for a day of merriment, snacks, and music.

For the first few decades of our existence, we haven't had an online store. We believed strongly that a big part of the SQecial experience is being able to browse the store in person and find things you never knew you were looking for! We also simply didn't have the time to get a webstore up and running. Obviously, however, the world has changed. We want to continue to provide our customers at least a bit of SQecial Media in these times. This will be a long process -- we have a lot of inventory! -- so we encourage you to check back frequently for new additions, and please let us know if there's anything in particular you're looking for, so we can prioritize those items.

We appreciate your patience and support, and we hope all our customers stay safe and well. If you can't come see us in person, we hope this is your best alternative!